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At Trader Harris, what we deliver is a complete experience of International commodity trading. What does that mean? Well, it means listening to the buyer (that is you), understanding your needs, acquiring samples, providing appropriate certification of products, timely quotes, packaging and delivering of the products to the said destination, all within the price-range and timeline requested by you.




We understand the work it takes to prepare all documentations needed for every transaction, the authenticity of certifications and the quality of the product itself. Every step is laid out well in advance so you get an idea of what to expect and when to expect it much before the purchase order is sent out. Regular correspondence keeping you informed of the developments in the buying experience keeps the entire transaction clear to you eliminating shades of doubt that may arise. A dedicated member of the team will constantly stay in touch to answer any questions you may have.


As great as that sounds, why should you trade with us? Because not only do we work only with BRC certified processing plants, but we have years of experience trading  containers coming from Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, India, China and also within Canada. Click here to see images of our manufacturing facility.  As importers and exporters of commodities, our expertise falls mainly in the areas of organic and conventional grains such as Quinoa, Chia, Kiwicha, Basmati Rice, lentils as well as Quinoa flakes.


We look forward to having a mutually rewarding relationship with you!

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